Review of Sleepy Self Defense: VeVe Lane

Review of Spectrum Custom Requests Sleepy Self Defense: VeVe Lane – 14 Mins

TrainingWe fade into the scene to see Danger Dude and VeVe Lane on the mats. Danger Dude is going over self-defense techniques with VeVe, who is nodding her head and listening intently. Once he’s gotten her approval to begin the ‘hands on’ portion of the class, the real fun begins! Little does our student VeVe know, our instructor Danger Dude REALLY enjoys teaching these classes. Sometimes, when he enjoys his students a bit too much, he takes the instruction too far. The first tactic Danger shows VeVe is an attack from the ground that she can use if being attacked by a stronger person: the triangle choke. VeVe if eager to learn and lets Danger go ahead and apply it. Once applied, he slowly grips tighter, and tighter, and tighter…confusion crosses VeVe’s face before her eyes go wide and begin rolling. It’s not long before she goes limp and Danger helps the weight of her body ease to the side. He follows up with limp arm, hand and leg checks. A good amount of rag dolling is done as well, with eye checks to boot. Not wanting her to be too woozy, he wakes her up and gives some excuse about forgetting to tell her to tap out… lesson learned for next time! Onto the next tactic. Danger goes on to show one of the most effective defense holds: the sleeper/rear naked choke. He applies it to VeVe and starts the squeeze. She quickly understands how the hold works and begins tapping to let him know to let go. He of course does not stop. Danger keeps applying more pressure until her eyes roll her all the way into the limpness he loves so much yet again. Once out, he goes through the motions of all of his favorite limp checks again, being very thorough, before waking her again after a few minutes. When VeVe awakens she is truly confused! She could have SWORN she tapped out! Danger says she must be mistaken, and she agrees, so they move on. Using an arm triangle as the third example, Danger brings her through the same song and dance…and he loves every minute of it. VeVe is perfection as she slowly goes out and her limp body flops to and fro. Danger murmurs to her while she’s out, obviously excited by her limpness and unconsciousness. When VeVe wakes up after this 3rd technique, she KNOWS she’s tapped out! Danger waves it off and avoids it and they agree to move onto the last tactic for today’s class. When he gets her in the gogoplata (foot hold across the throat from the floor) she begins tapping, and finally tells her his secret: “Don’t you know I like this?” VeVe panics, but far too late. She’s in too deep in a prone position that he’s got 100% control of her. Danger stares straight down at her as she goes out, with her knowing the entire time that he’s going to be playing with her afterwards. Danger does go ahead and enjoy his last minutes with VeVe, his model student of the day. He rag dolls her, stands her up and rag dolls her, drags her around the mat, limp plays her, eye checks her and more before leaving her at the dojo to come to on her own.

Theses self-defense videos are becoming a very good series, this time Danger Dude is teaching VeVe some KO moves. I love how forgiving and/or clueless VeVe was. After every KO she’s easy convinced that it was an accident and then she just falls into the same trap again. Danger plays this role very well, being kind of silly and light hearted, but really loving the her limp body, giving us lots of limp play per KO. VeVe does some nice eyerolling/fluttering, as she helplessly struggles and taps out in the holds before passing out. I love her athletic outfit and perfectly fit body, looks very good as she’s ragdolled around. This vid does a lot right, a good story, a good number of KOs, lots of limp play and a fun and entertaining bad guy.

Overall score: 9/10