Review of Sleepy Power Play

Review of Sleepy Power Play – 25 mins

We fade in on Baunfire mesmerized by her TV, realizing that it just might be something she’s like to try. Remi walks in and starts getting on her a hard time about getting ready to go out tonight. Baunfire attempts to explain her fascination to Remi, but Remi isn’t getting it. Baunfire decides to test out the nerve pinch on Remi. Remi goes right out and Baunfire is really excited that it worked. She ragdolls Remi and carrying her around until she comes to. Baunfire sends her off to dreamland again with a neck chop, leading to a sleeping Remi being cradle carried by Baunfire. When Remi wakes up, Baunfire quickly knocks her back out again and carries her to the bedroom. Remi listens groggily as Baunfire tells her how sexy this new fetish is and how she wants to keep playing. Remi resists, but a final hand smother puts her back to sleep.

I love Remi for this role, she is super sexy. Remi being controlled and repeated put to sleep by the powerful and sexy Baunfire, is perfect. I really love this idea for a video. Baunfire being inspired by what she watches and trying it out on her friend. Remi doesn’t want anything to do with it, but is given not choice. Its all put together, acted and sold perfectly. You can feel the excitement coming out of Baunfire as she plays with her new limp toy. For Remi, she makes great reactions, from watching the show Baunfire was watching, to all her KOs. The sexy dress and heels is great and the removal of them is even better. Overall. there is a ton limp play, a good amount of KOs, Baunfire is awesome, good story idea and I just love seeing Remi out cold and carried around.

Overall Score: 9/10