Review of Sleepy Fantasies

Review of Girls Getting SleepySleepy Fantasies – 21.5 mins

Brittany has a secret fantasy about being rendered unconscious and taken advantage of by a male intruder. While she is pleasuring herself to the very thought, her dreams seem to come true as a male intruder busts in and knocks her out with a sleep ray. Brittany is overcome with the urge to sleep and passes out seconds after being hit. The hooded figure begins to undress and play with the knocked out girl. When Brittany begins to wake up, she reveals to him that this has been her fantasy for years, and asks him to knock her out again and ravage her body. Of course, he is more than happy to oblige. She wakes up again, snatches the sleepy ray from his hand and knocks herself out intentionally. She wakes after he’s gone and wonders if she imagined it all.

This was a cool idea for making a limp play video. Brittany does some great eyerolling and crossing as she passes out, it’s a good thing that she wakes up a few more times the most of these videos do, so we can see more of that eyerolling action. Also it’s a really cool to see that she was so into the KO limp play stuff that she KOs herself in the end. Overall, it’s still a pretty simple, strip down, limp play vid at heart, but with a cool KO toy and willing victim, makes it a nice little change, without changing anything too important.

Overall score: 8.5/10