Review of Sleepless Nights: Morgan Del Ray

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsSleepless Nights: Morgan Del Ray – 12 Mins

MorganOur story begins with an exhausted, scantily clad Morgan collapsing on her couch for what she hopes to be a much needed night of rest. How very wrong the flawless brunette is, however. As her eyes close and she drifts into what she hopes to be a long, deep slumber, things take a turn for the worst.Promptly upon slipping into unconsciousness, Morgan begins thrashing violently, seemingly defending against an unseen force. She chokes violently as she battles the air, and we spin into her mind… she is in the midst of a horrible dream, mounted by a gorgeous stranger (Cali Logan) who is applying a perfectly sealed hand over mouth smother. To her absolute horror, Morgan finds she cannot control this nightmare. Even worse, it doesn’t feel like a nightmare at all. She can feel the sweet, sweet air being denied her aching lungs. Her eyes are wide and wild as she struggles and slowly winds down to an eye rolling stop. She awakens in a panic, gasping for air. Her dream was so real that she can feel the burn in her lungs and faintly catch the scent of her attacker on her flushed skin. She attempts to brush it off although it’s obvious she’s still quite shaken. As her eyes close, she cannot even fathom this is just the beginning of a cycle of terror for her. Morgan endures a series of failed attempts at rest that have her questioning her sanity. The silent, gorgeous and impossibly powerful stalker of her dreams puts her out repeatedly using a variety of oxygen thieving techniques. Along with the initial HOM smother, you’ll also see:-Standing foot choke-Sleeper hold/rear naked choke-Reverse figure four/triangle head scissor. Following the head scissor segment of her inescapable lucid dreams, Morgan (who is barely grasping reality at this point) decides staying awake is her only option. She begins calming down, convincing herself that she is safe now that she is awake. Needless to say, she nearly jumps out of her skin when there is a loud knocking at the front entrance. Morgan stares off camera at the front door in terror, too shaken to even attempt to ask who it may be. As it turns out, she doesn’t have to. The door flies wide open to reveal her fright night visitor, in the flesh. Morgan screams and slams back against the couch, but there is nowhere behind her to escape to. Before she knows it, the sultry sleep inducing vixen is on her. She traps Morgan, standing, in a rear single arm wind pipe choke. Morgan’s eyes go from absolute, sheer terror to wide, rolling, fading orbs. As she collapses to the floor, there’s a whisper….”I guess some dreams really do come true…..”

This a beautiful set up, I love that we go in and out from Morgan’s dreams, so we see her struggling on the sofa by herself then we get to see Cali is attacking her, in her dreams. It’s like having an invisible heel vid and also getting to see that heel all in the same vid. It’s really nicely done. Cali looks super good and almost always has this evil little grin on her face. It’s the perfect for this vid. Morgan is also really sexy and does a pretty get job selling, with or without Cali. I like in the end, Cali shows in reality for one more nice KO. No better way to end this one. This did feel a little on the short side, but seeing the overall run time, I guess I was just having fun. Morgan is still fairly new to me, but I can say you guys definitely want to keep an eye out for her.

Overall Score: 9/10