Review of Sleeping on the Job

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSleeping on the Job – 14 mins

Kat recently showed up early for her wrestling match after a long night of go-go dancing and decided to take a quick nap, but when Mindy arrived, Kat learned a valuable lesson, don’t sleep on the job! Mindy put the tanned cutie in a leglock that immediately woke her up, then the larger woman threw a surprised Kat into the ring and went to town on her. We just let Mindy have her fun and that fun included some corner action with belly punches and foot chokes, some head locks, and LOTS of tight scissor holds. Poor Kat’s face was literally buried in Mindy’s meaty thighs as she struggled and squirmed to escape. But for those who’ve experienced Mindy’s scissor holds, there’s no escape. Poor Kat even endured a little reverse schoolgirl pin/head sitting. When Mindy was certain that Kat was finished, she decided to go for several pins on the smaller girl. A 3 count grapevine/breast smother pin, a 5 count cross body pin, and a 10 count matchbook pin finished the job. But still unsatisfied with simply pinning her, Mindy sat sweet Kat up, said “it’s time to say goodnight because I know you need some sleep”, gave her a kiss on the forehead, then pulled her cute face into an extremely tight reverse figure four head scissors that put her into a deep sleep! Nighty-night, Kat!

What a funny way to start a match, poor Kat had no idea what was going on and by time she did, it was too late. Mindy just had her way with Kat, doing whatever she wanted to and Kat, no matter how hard she tried, could do nothing to stop her. We get plenty of head scissors, my fav is the one with Kat’s head hanging off the side of the ring, while Mindy stand outside the ring on the floor. The ending is my favorite part of the vid, I love all the pins and Kat weak struggling, and then Mindy knocks her out. Overall, I great way to start off a squash match and I really like the half conscious pins at the end before the final KO.

Overall Score: 8/10