Review of Sleeper Hold Girls

Review of Anton productionsSleeper Hold Girls – 42 Mins

Celeste and Karlie look incredible in this highly unusual sleepy scene which was made as a custom video. In each of the 3 scenarios, the girls are dressed in cute, sexy outfits. In the first one, Karlie sneaks up on Celeste and puts her in a sleeper hold, making her pass out. She then plays with Celeste’s limp body, partially strips her and then kisses and caresses her luscious skin. When Celeste starts to wake up, Karlie twists her neck quickly, snapping her neck. Next scene, Karlie sits in a bedroom. Celeste sneaks up and puts her in a sleeper hold. She strips Karlie and plays with her lifeless body, kissing her, playing with her hair and manipulating her. She opens Karlie’s mouth and sticks her tit in it. When Karlie starts to wake up, she twists her neck sharply, and then leaves her there. Last scene, Karlie sneaks up on Celeste and gives her a karate chop, knocking her down. She squeezes Celeste’s neck between her legs until she falls asleep. She takes off Celeste’s top and plays with her beautiful breasts. Then she drags her to the bedroom where she strips her to her panties and, in a very erotic scene, plays with her body. Celeste begins to awaken and Karlie uses a sleeper hold on her then plays with her some more. Before leaving, Karlie uses her hands to smother Celeste.

This is an epic sleepy vid, and I call it a sleepy vid, instead of a limp play vid, because most of the time, whoever’s out cold, is more or less, just lying there. But, call it what you want, it’s still an awesome vid. Karlie and Celeste are amazing, they both give nice reactions when they get KO’d, they look super sexy after they’re out cold and being felt up and kissed all over, and they both seem really into in it when they’re the one doing the groping and kissing. I don’t think you could have asked for a sexier pair of girls for this. It’s also turns out great even with almost no dialog at all and zero story. Didn’t miss it, don’t need it, works great just how it is. All the scenes end with a “death”, or so I assume. Two end with a neck snap, no SFX, but we do get a little twitching after and the last one is a smoother, with a little more twitching that the others. I love twitching, so any excuse they can use to give me some is good with me. Overall, this video is outstanding. I love the reactions and the times they try to wake up, only to be up right back out, all the super sexy kissing, stripping and groping and I love Karlie and Celeste, they were perfect. This one is going into my instant classics section, even though is already a few years old.

Overall Score: 9.9/10