Review of Slaps for the Loser

Review of Slaps for the Loser

Sasha is in the ring, bragging about the beating she handed to Ryan in ROOKIE ON THE ROPES. When Ryan walks up behind her and jumps on her back. Sasha isn’t about to be taken down that easy and smashes Ryan into the corner to get her off her back. Sasha gets Ryan on the mat, grabs her by the face and threatens her for attacking her. Ryan fights back though, catching Sasha with a DDT. Ryan takes this chance to return the threat, making the loser of this have to take 10 slaps to the face. From here, the girls go back an forth a little, but Ryan is clearly getting the best of Sasha. Try as she may, Sasha keeps getting caught in Ryan’s many scissors. Soon enough Sasha gets put to sleep with a dragon sleeper scissors combo. Ryan checks to make sure she’s out, takes her victory pose and then wakes up Sasha for her punishment. Sasha begs and pleads, but Ryan isn’t going to let her off. She really slaps Sasha 10 times, talking smack and humiliating Sasha they whole time. After Ryan is done, she leave Sasha to tend to her now rosy cheek.

I really like this side of Ryan. I was really happy with her as a jobber in her last match and I’m just as happy with her in this match as she controlled Sasha for most of the time. I always love Sasha no matter what she’s up to. I loved watching her struggle to break free in this and beg Ryan not to slap her. The slaps are real in this one, which was a concern for me. In most cases i don’t like real contact to the face. Mainly because it hurts and its just not fun to watch, but in this case Ryan brings it just right. She slaps Sasha just hard enough to make a good smack sound and enough to redden Sasha’s cheek. Sasha sells it… well i guess in this case, it’s not selling… Sasha Reacts well too, She just looks so sad and sorry. I like in the end Rick gets a good shot of Sasha cheek as she rubbing it. So, only one KO, but, I really enjoyed this one all the way through.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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