Review of SLAMpeg 2311: Madison Eagles vs Santana

Review of Slammin LadiesSLAMpeg 2311: Madison Eagles vs Santana – 31.5 mins

Madison and Santana are getting ready for a 1st to 10 KOs match, ref is Solo Darling. Madison is much bigger than Santana and thinks this is going to be a walk in the park. Madison offers Santana a free shot. After a super kick, Madison is out cold and a pin later, Santana easily takes the 1st fall. Unfortunately for Santana that win is short lived. As she stands Madison back on her feet, Madison’s strength comes back and she picks Santana up off her feet, slamming her in the corner. From here, it’s all downhill for Santana as she quickly becomes Madison’s play toy. Madison goes on to take the next 10 falls completely uncontested, even managing to take out the ref in her celebration.

This video turned out to be much more funny that I had expected. Solo is terrified of Madison and she gets hurt just from giving Madison a high five, which just makes her even more scared of her. Along the path of destruction, Madison even uses Solo as a weapon, much to the surprise of Solo, dropping her on top of Santana for another KO. Santana is almost lifeless for the entire match. Although she somehow manages to come to after each fall, which doesn’t do her any good. She’s not strong enough to get up or fight back, she wakes up and rolls around on the mats in pain, while Solo and Madison bicker back and forth about rules, or how to count the falls. I totally love how dominant Madison is, showing off her power as she tosses Madison and Solo all around the place. Overall, this is an excellent squash with tons of KOs, pins and laughs along the way.

Overall score: 9.5/10