Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSKW vs FWR: THE CHEATERS – 19 mins

We fade in on what’s supposed to be a 1 on 1 pro ring battle between SKW’s Anne-Marie and FWR’s Carrie. Within seconds of the bell ringing Carrie takes an immediate advantage.  She throws Anne into the corner and works her over with gut shots and a foot choke. Deciding to go for a quick win, Carrie delivers a tombstone piledriver for the KO, but as she hooks the leg, we see Anne-Marie’s tag partner Sumiko run in and attack. She grabs Carrie and immediately puts her out with her own tombstone before waking Anne-Marie up and plotting to do some 2 on 1 damage on the stunned FWR legend. What follows is a one-sided 2 vs 1 bash, until the very end. Carrie catches the SKW girls talking to the camera and delivers a sudden double stunner. Sumiko and Anne writhe on the ground as Carrie, exhausted from the beatdown, takes them both out with reverse figure four neckscissors.  “These bitches are CRAZY” she mutters after they’re both out, running out of the ring room before either attacker has a chance to come to.

This match is done in a great way, I love how Anne gets KO’d quick and early, then Sumiko runs in, saves the day and they both rip Carrie to pieces. Carrie is such a great seller and this is another shining example of that. She give great, frantic and a little over the top reactions to the massive beatdown that Anne Marie and Sumiko are handing to her. The girls don’t go easy on little Carrie either. Before they are done, they both take turns giving Carrie piledrivers and ever powerbombs. After the pin, Anne and Sumiko stick around to brag to the camera about how much fun that was and whose moves were better. While they’re doing that Carrie gets up and with a quick double low blow to takes the tag team down and out. Carrie isn’t hanging around though, as soon as they are both out cold, Carrie take off like a bat out of hell, leaving the two, formally proud wrestlers sleeping. Overall, this video’s story unfolds nicely, get moves, tons of KOs, great selling and a fun ending.

Overall Score: 9.5/10