Review of Silly Fight

Review of Cali’s CustomsSilly Fight – 14 min

Cali and Cadence take turns bonking each other in the head with hard objects to see who will get the dizziest and silliest. After a few punches, frying pans and doors to the face both girls are seeing stars through their crossed eyes. Its so much fun to see your friends eyes rolling around under their fluttering eye lids after you hit them in the head really hard!

This is a super silly, super simple, knockouts video. Both Cali and Cadence take half of the vid getting KO’d by the other, hypnotizing each other into making silly reactions when knocked out, than they knock each other out. They make plenty of very good silly faces as they twirl and grab at the birdies around their heads, no sound or visual effect, before falling over out called. Both girls are great at making silly faces, but the camera, for the most part, is just too far away to really enjoy them. Other than that, you can’t help but laughs as you watch these silly girls KO each other.

Overall score: 8.5/10