Review of Silly Bimbo Knocked Out And Fondled Limp Lift & Carry

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Review of Fetish CutiesSilly Bimbo Knocked Out And Fondled Limp Lift & Carry – 19 Mins

CutiesTessa plays a complete bimbo. She`s always smiling, but she`s unbelievable stupid. She wears sexy schoolgirl outfit. The clip starts when we see her standing in the middle of the living room. Her roommate tells her that he has a surprise for her. It`s a gift but it is hidden somewhere in the living room. She`s amazed like a little child and starts to look for it. She looks behind the couch and under the pillows and unnoticed as the guy stares at her ass. Then he tells her she has to search on a lower level. She goes down on her knees and searches under the couch and under the table (focus on her ass and her soles). But she can`t find it and disappointed she asks where it is. She is still on her knees when the guy sneaks up from behind. With a blackjack he knocks her over the head sending her down to the floor. Now we see a close up of her head. With crossed eyes and a stupid silly look on her face she moans in a semi-conscious condition. A second hit with the blackjack finally puts her out. Now she`s completely limp and knocked out. Now we see her lying on the floor. She lies on her belly with her arms beside her body (palms of hands upwards) and her face is turned to the camera. At first he grabs her butt cheeks with both hands and kneads and shakes them. This makes her entire body move. Then he removes her shoes and for about 4 minutes he rubs and massages her soles. We see full body views / close-up-views of her soles / and in between close-up-views of her sleeping face. Next we have a 6 minute carry scene. 2 minutes of cradle-carry, 2 minutes of OTS-carry and 2 minutes of fireman’s carry. Then he dumps her on the couch for some more foot-fondling. He lifts her feet high in the air. Now filmed from an angle so you can see her soles big in the center of the view and her face in the background. He rubs and massages her soles for 3 minutes. After this he picks her up (OTS-style) and carries her out of the room. Now we jump forward in time. Tessa lies on the bed with her feet in the air. She talks on the phone about what happened. She was sleeping for many hours and after she woke up she doesn’t know what happened and she didn’t get her gift.

Pretty simple vid here, with a silly set up. I like fooling the sexy, silly girl into looking around the room while we watch her ass shake around, then knocking her out for foot play and carrying. Tessa plays the “bimbo” perfectly, she’s super bubbly and never had a clue what was going on. Even after she wakes up, she was still clueless. That’s very funny to me and perfect for this kind of vid. Her sexy school girl outfit is also perfect, very sexy with the short skirt and red panties make for quite a great view. So, there’s lots of foot play / foot massaging. I like that we get full body shots, as well as, close ups of her feet and her sleeping face, helps to keep things interesting. Then we get a bunch of different carries, all them look great to me, as he walks around, showing off Tessa from every angle. Then lays her on the couch for more foot rubbing, from a nice POV, showing her face and her feet at the same time. I would have like to see Tessa wake up once or twice, just for the pure comedy of what “bimbo Tessa” would have said or done and of course for another KO. Other than that, this one is simple and well done and just a little bit of fun silliness at the beginning.

Overall Score: 8.5/10