Review of Silly Bimbo Beatdown

Review of Fetish Cuties Silly Bimbo Beatdown – 11 Mins

FC sillyI’d like the two girls to be in a lopsided fist fight against each other, with one dominating the other. The more punches she throws the dizzier and more dazed the other gets, with one girl removing the other’s clothes while she’s dazed, until she’s naked seeing stars propped against the wall. What I’d like is for the victim of the beatdown to start off serious like “I’m gonna get you” kind of thing and be getting more and more silly and dazed with each punch. After each punch she should talk about how she’s feeling. She could start with things like that didn’t really hurt or is that all you got and then after a few hits she can be more surprised and stunned with some eye crossing and then can fall down or sit. She could get hoisted back to her feet and she could say something like “I don’t wanna get up for school” all silly. Then just have her stand there seeing stars around her head with her head slowly rolling and eyes crossing without smiling, until she gets hit with one last punch that sends her to the wall and then she can slide down the wall slowly and just sit there with a cute little smile and a dazed, rolly eyed expression on her face with her head very slowly rolling until the end of the video.

I know that description is really just the custom script, but still gives you a good idea of what happens in this very silly vid. Kira is the one who takes the beating, after tossing out some insults and failing at putting up a fight. My favorite thing about this is vid is that each punch impact is paused and decorated in a comic book style and POW, or BAM, exclamation is added. Then Kira is totally dazed, hearing birds and seeing stars, but for the most part, staying on her feet. It is very funny to watch, I could not stop laugh at some much of this vid. I love how Kira would be able to shake off the dizziness, put her dukes up only to get punched in the nose again. She even gets knocked down once, but still dazed manages to fight back to her feet, only to get knocked out. I do wish there was more knock downs with her dazed and struggling back to her feet, or maybe more than one knockout, but either way this was an awesome silly video that I’ll be watching again and again for quite some time.

Overall Score: 9.5/10