Review of She’s Too Strong for Me

Review of She’s Too Strong for Me – 18 mins

Once again, Rick finds Payton in the dressing room, not wanting to have her next match. She afraid of being completely destroyed by Madison. Rick, however, fills her with hope, giving her a solid game plan to take on Madison. Payton, armed with a plan of attack, heads to the ring. The bell rings and Payton does just as Rick told her and she takes control of the match. Payton has Madison at her mercy. Payton soon even KOs her and confidently goes for a pin. Unfortunately Madison isn’t done and she turns Payton’s pin into her own Scissors. Payton, caught of guard, quickly goes out cold. Madison takes a second to gather herself, than dominates Payton with tons of different scissors. After a few KOs Madison finally goes for a pin, She gets an easy 5 count as Payton is out cold.

This is my kind of head scissors battle, a few KOs make everything better. Not only that, but i didn’t think Payton would stand a chance, like last last time Rick pumped her up for a match. This time I was happy to see Payton in control for a while, because Madison sold her defeat great. In the end, however, I what happier that Payton lost, because she is rising in my personal ranks every time a see her and soon I will be calling her a favorite jobber too. Overall, this is may favorite of the recent scissor focused videos, not only because KOs have been added to the sexy combo of head scissors and desperation, but also seeing Payton in control showed off Madison’s jobber skills. I’m definitely interested to seem more of these two in the near future.

Overall Score: 8.5/10