Review of SHE’S GOT LEGS 6

Review of Sleeperkid’s World SHE’S GOT LEGS 6 – 16 Mins

EVEA one-sided destruction featuring Rock-C as the ultimate heel…vs the beautiful EVE AVON! It’s as simple as that, folks. Poor Eve didn’t stand a chance against the more skilled Rock-C, falling prey to every neck and body scissors variation in the pro’s repertoire. Time and time again Eve is forced to submit, and is even brought close to the point of passing out, all while Rock-C keeps her completely in control! Arm scissors, body scissors, neck scissors…you name the type and it’s most likely here, endured by the beautiful Eve until a final tap-out leads to a final figure four neckscissors KO that leaves Eve sleeping on the mats as Rock-C poses over unconscious body!

This video is much better than I expected. When I saw that is was going to be all scissors and only one KO, I almost totally dismissed it, but turns out this vid is pretty great. So even though Rock-C does only use scissors and there is only one real KO, Rock-C keeps the match moving at good pace, not staying in one hold too long, she keeps Eve on the brink of consciousness and her comments are, as always, quite entertaining. Which isn’t a surprise, because if there is one thing Rock-C has always excelled at, it’s trash talking. Eve sells this amazingly with her outstanding eyerolling and weakening struggles. Barely being able to tap out on multiple occasions. In the end the final KO comes as a saving grace for Eve finally putting her out of her misery. I also have to mention both girls look great, Rock-C definitely fits that red outfit very well.

Overall score 9/10