Review of Shelby and Dakota Lift and Carry and Lights Out

Review of Dakota’s Charming Clips – Shelby and Dakota Lift and Carry and Lights Out – 24 Mins

DakotaA frustrated Shelby calls her roommate, Dakota, into the kitchen and tells her that the place is a total mess and nothing works right! Dakota agrees and notices something gross up on the top shelf. With the help of a chair, Shelby hoists Dakota up onto her shoulders to investigate. Sure enough, there’s all kinds of nasty stuff up there and on top of the refrigerator! Dakota’s sexy ass rests on top of Shelby’s tanned shoulders and the bottoms of her feet are visible, such a sexy view! She tells Shelby that she HAS to see this, so Shelby lets her down and they switch positions. Dakota lifts Shelby up onto her shoulders and Shelby is equally as grossed out. She spots a lightbulb and a lightbulb goes off in her head; this is a great way for them to change the lightbulb that has been needing to be changed for a while! Dakota lets her down and Shelby the lifts Dakota back up onto her shoulders because Dakota is better at changing lightbulbs. The girls get to work fixing and putting things away and checking out things that are high up in the apartment by sitting on each other’s shoulders. Shelby lets Dakota down and accidently knocks her limp with a roll of paper towels! Dakota collapses onto the floor and Shelby freaks out! She checks Dakota’s limbs, but they are all floppy and she isn’t waking up! Oh my god, what does she do? She lifts limp Dakota up from the floor and up over her shoulder into a carry. Shelby carries her into the bathroom and puts her on the toilet. Dakota comes to, confused, and they remember that they need to fix the curtain rod in the shower since they are in the bathroom. Dakota lifts Shelby up and then Shelby lifts Dakota up as they try to figure it out. Dakota hits her head and falls limp AGAIN into Shelby’s arms! Shelby panics and lays a sleepy Dakota down in the bottom of the bathtub. She doesn’t know what to do, so she randomly flushes the toilet and Dakota wakes up! How strange! She lifts Dakota out of the tub and then suddenly falls limp, herself! Shelby has gone night night. So, Dakota lifts her up into a cradle carry. She brings Shelby into the other room and checks her floppy limbs. Oh my gosh, she’s really out! Dakota waves her cigarettes in front of her face, hoping that the smell will wake her up… and it works! Shelby is still out of it, so Dakota carries her over to the couch. They speculate about all the weird things that have been happening. All the things that need to be fixed and how they keep going lights out for no reason and then waking up because of the most random things. What the heck? Dakota argues that Shelby HAS caused her to go limp quite a few times and accuses her of doing it on purpose. Shelby gets super offended; why would she do that? She covers up Dakota’s blabby, accusatory mouth and in the process, cuts off her breathing and knocks her out! This time she’s mad so she doesn’t care and when Dakota comes to, she does the same to Shelby by clamping her hand over Shelby’s mouth. They go back and forth in this fashion with each other, stripping each other almost fully naked while the other is out. They end up both half naked and floppy and limp on the couch and then the camera man cops a feel before they come to again.

This a ridiculously silly vid, which you guys know is something I look for. The girls act super air headed and goofy, almost to the point that you can’t stand them, but you also can’t help but laugh at them. The first half is all carrying stuff giving us lots of up skirts and feet views. Which is just covered in their ridiculous banter. Then suddenly it turns into a silly KOs vid with a little be more carrying, lots of sexy camera angles and some very nice eyerolling from both girls. They go back and forth knocking each other out and playing with the others limp limbs till they somehow knock each other out, then the camera man gets his hands in there. I’ll admit the girl are almost unbearable at times, but once the KOs start their sillyness is much more bearable. This vid is sold in two parts or whole. If you’re looking to skip the carrying half and just get, the easily more entertaining, KOs half, I would advise looking for that part 2.

Overall score 8.5/10