Review of Sleeperkid’s World SHAUNA RYANNE vs ANNE-MARIE – 15 Mins

ANNEWe get an old school “ring intro” opening to this amazing multi-pin battle, with both Shauna Ryanne and Anne-Marie walking in wearing robes and revealing some killer pro gear before the battle begins…and what a battle it is!!!   Culminating in a brutal outdoor piledriver KO (on the CONCRETE!), this is one hell of a slobber-knocker, with both ladies doing their very best to score the winning pin!! Here’s the breakdown: After some chain wrestling, Shauna takes control with an arm bar, and belly blows against the wall…but Anne reverses it, adding her own belly attacks. She follows up with a snap mare and a dragon sleeper but Shauna rakes her eyes! Shauna nails a brutal clothesline and moves and clamps on a SCORPION CROSSLOCK! Anne screams and is eventually released. Shauna grabs a handful of hair but Anne nails a low blow that drops Shauna like a brick! Exhausted, Anne grabs Shauna and nails a RUNNING BULLDOG KO! She goes for the pin but Shauna barely kicks out. Anne applies a sleeper but Shauna elbows her way out of it. She gives Anne a snap suplex and goes for the cover but Anne barely kicks out. Shauna stands the blonde up and delivers several forearm smashes to the face, ending the flurry with a brutal uppercut KO! She goes for the pin…but ANNE KICKS OUT! Furious, Shauna stands her opponent up and nails a jumping stunner KO and FINALLY gets the 5 count pin! But Shauna’s not done yet! She stomps Anne-Marie in the gut to wake her up and goes for a face shot but Anne blocks it, delivering some elbow strikes of her own. She follows up with THREE back to back sidewalk slams that leave Shauna out cold on the mats! Anne follows up with a brutal leg drop to the throat and goes for the successful 5 count pin! Anne continues her assault, standing the redhead up and nailing a brutal TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! A twitching and convulsing Shauna is OUT, but somehow manages to come to and KICK out of Anne’s pin! Shauna manages to sweep Anne’s legs out from underneath her, delivering a brutal groin kick and a jumping headbutt to Anne’s abs! She follows up with several punches to Anne’s jaw, leaving her stunned on the mats. She stands Anne up, delivers a brutal jaw punch KO, and proceeds to over the shoulder carry her out of the room and OUTSIDE the SKW compound! She proceeds to slam Anne’s face into the steel portion of a couch and knocks her out with a standing sleeper hold that leaves Anne out cold and on the ground, derriere in the air. Shauna is determined to make sure Anne DOES NOT kick out, picking her up and delivering a brutal TOMBSTONE onto the hard soil in SK’s backyard! Instead of going for the pin, however, Shauna wakes the barely mobile Anne-Marie up and ends it all with a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER ONTO THE CONCRETE! Anne-Marie is motionless as Shauna goes for a final Undertaker-style pin…and nails the final point (and victory pose) for the win!

This is probably one of the most back and forth matches that I can remember from SKW. I like how they did it too, not always using the most predicable ways of turning the tide and making it a real struggle for control. The outfits are also another high point of this one, shiny one pieces, shiny chuck boots and kneepads, beautiful. Anne-Marie again manages to steal the show. Her amazing reactions and high flying moves, as always, makes watching her lose super exciting. Although the action is back and forth for 75% of the match, Shauna turns out to be the heel most of the time, just getting off the bigger moves and really taking Anne out in an amazing way in the end. I love that after all the kickouts and comebacks in this match, Shauna pulls a false pin, just to add a final piledriver on the concrete, which will always be crazy to see. This match is a ton of fun to watch, lots of great action, plenty KOs, unexpected kickouts, more incredible selling from Anne Marie and an outstanding ending.

Overall Score: 9.5/10