Review of Shadowstar: Double Weakened

Review of Next Global CrisisSeason 3 / Special Release 3 – Shadowstar: Double Weakened – 8 mins

Shadowstar takes on Lt. Marina Hornblood again, but this time Hornblood has the ability to turn the Fail-Safe Sister’s power against her, leaving her doubly weakened! The villainess lands punch after punch with almost no resistance, easily dominating Shadowstar, leaving her KO’d and taking her power with her.

This vid is the definition of a brutal beatdown, Marina used mainly her fist to totally dominate the once powerful heroine. It takes no time at all to beat the fight out of Shadowstar and soon she is nothing more than a punching bag, which she sold great. Marina gets called off, otherwise she would have never stopped, but Shadowstar tries to get up, which earns her another kick that finally lays her out cold. There’s of course a alterative ending, where Shadowstar gets a lucky shot in, that brakes the device taking her power. Instantly her power is returned and she KO’s Marina with ease. Overall, I love the brutality of this one and wish it was a longer, but a really well done beatdown.

Overall Score: 8.5/10