Review of Sleeperkid’s World SERENA vs ELIZA: PRO STYLE – 32 Mins

ELIZAA 30+ minute pro battle between two of SKW’s most beloved fighters!

The breakdown:

ROUND ONE: Eliza and Serena preen and pose only to lock up, with Serena taking a lead via an arm drag. She works Eliza’s arm into an armlock on the mats, following up with a single boston crab, stomps to the body, an ab stretch with trunk pulling, a full boston crab, a camel clutch with face pulling, hair pulling, an X-Factor KO, followed by a pin count! ROUND TWO: Eliza attacks angrily with an opening bearhug and takes control via a side neck scissors, side figure four neckscissors KO, multiple leg drops to the body, jujigitame armlock, push-up neck scissors, PILEDRIVER KO, kneeling surfboard, and a final over the knee backbreaker with belly claw that pushes Serena to the brink…forcing her to tap out!   Eliza wins the round! ROUND THREE: The girls lock up but Serena takes control with an armlock, snap mares, atomic drop, and a figure four leglock that Eliza manages to reverse! Serena turns it back around, however, and keeps dominating with a crossface, a standing ankle lock, stomps, a near KO cobra clutch, hairpulling, and a STUNNER KO for the pin! ROUND FOUR: Eliza sweeps Serena’s legs and controls the opening of the round with a leg spreader, leg whips to the mats, double knee drops to the thighs, and a cobra clutch KO…followed by another pin.   This time Eliza doesn’t wait for Serena to come to and attacks with a… ROUND FIVE: …vicious belly stomp! She delivers a brutal kick to Serena’s belly and nails her very own stunner KO! She slams Serena’s head into the mats repeatedly, dazing her, and continues with stomps to the back, a body scissors, armlock, camel clutch, leg whips, a boston crab, snap mares, belly stomps, a sleeper hold KO, and a Spanish press pin! ROUND SIX: Eliza is on top of the game, applying a standing single boston crab, armlock/chinlock combo, X-Factor KO, back stomp, figure four leglock, ab stretch, a stunner, an extended iron claw KO, leg drops across the belly, and a final PILEDRIVER KO/belly splash sequence that leaves Serena down and OUT for the final pin and victory pose!

This is a nice old school, prostyle video, that really takes its time and gives us some great back and forth action. I really love watching Serena lose, but it I like Eliza’s eyerolling better. Lucky for me, I get both in this vid. I love that the match gets to be a half hour, it give plenty of time for a lot of great moves, and back and forth action without feeling rushed or on the other side, taking it too slow. The pacing and the control of the match feels natural, fleshed out and believable. None of that instant turn arounds, where a wrestling is instantly healed the second she takes control. So, good selling all around, also the outfits, moves used and number of KOs, all get a thumbs up from me. It’s a good long video, with a nice old school feel. Definitely a good one for all you guys that love the older SKW videos.

Overall Score: 8.5/10