Review of Serena – Barefoot Limp Play

Review of Serena – Barefoot Limp Play – 16 min

Serena comes home from her nightshirt while her roommate watches a football game. He has some kind of magical power that give him the ability to knock someone out with the snap of his finger. Serena goes to bed after asking him to keep it down so she can sleep. He quickly fails at her request as the game makes him yell. Serena wakes up and come out to confront him, but with a snap of his fingers, Serena’s eyes roll back and she falls unconscious. He plays with her body and feet while she’s out, between watching the game. He carries her or drags her back to bed, only for her to wake up and come back after him only to be put back to sleep and the process is repeated again and again.

Another really cool video, once again this one is a little bit silly, Serena’s reaction are good and cute. Love the outfit here, with the panties and tank top. This vid has everything you need in a sleepy, foot fetish vid. Plenty of KOs and limp play as well as some carrying and even a little bit of dragging. Its all really well done, of course there is a focus on foot views becasue that what this site is all about. Overall, I really like the snap of the finger KOs and the reactions and look of Serena.

Overall Score: 9/10