Review of Serena – Barefoot Limp Play

Review of Serena – Barefoot Limp Play – 16 min

Serena comes home from her nightshirt while her roommate watches a football game. He has some kind of magical power that give him the ability to knock someone out with the snap of his finger. Serena goes to bed after asking him to keep it down so she can sleep. He quickly fails at her request as the game makes him yell. Serena wakes up and come out to confront him, but with a snap of his fingers, Serena’s eyes roll back and she falls unconscious. He plays with her body and feet while she’s out, between watching the game. He carries her or drags her back to bed, only for her to wake up and come back after him only to be put back to sleep and the process is repeated again and again.

Another really cool video, once again this one is a little bit silly, Serena’s reaction are good and cute. Love the outfit here, with the panties and tank top. This vid has everything you need in a sleepy, foot fetish vid. Plenty of KOs and limp play as well as some carrying and even a little bit of dragging. Its all really well done, of course there is a focus on foot views becasue that what this site is all about. Overall, I really like the snap of the finger KOs and the reactions and look of Serena.

Overall Score: 9/10


  • I’ve been a fan of Feet and Sleep videos for several years . For the most part , the videos are very well done ,and while some of his models have very limited acting / selling skills , practically all of them are beautiful . My only complaint is that Holger , ( the founder of the site ) , doesn’t accept custom orders . He does accept suggestions and ideas , though , and I’ve asked him over the years to include more tongue out k.o. reactions . So far , he’s obliged me only sporadically . However , I’m hopeful that he’ll direct more of his girls in that direction .

    • I like FaS, but because he takes no customs, it seems very repetitive, like he does the same idea with every girl before thinking of a new one. I would love some over the top stuff from them, i just don’t have much hope for it.

      • Exactly ! There is definitely a same old – same old factor involved with much of his output . And , frankly , I can’t see the harm of instructing his models to engage in some tongue protrusion now and then . But , it’s his website , and I guess his business can withstand ignoring customer requests .

        • Yea it is his business and he seems to be doing fine, so i guess he doesn’t need any over the top reaction fans like us.

          • It’s kind of strange , though . The tongue protrusion request went in one ear and out the other ( more or less ) , but so did a request / suggestion that I made asking for the models to wear sneakers from time to time , especially for the videos focusing on athletics . His rationale was that sneakers take too much time to remove from the models’ foot . Frankly , I get the impression that he primarily films what he likes and wants to see , and if anyone else is on board , so be it . If not , who cares ?

          • I get that same feeling. How many vids have we seen with Kayla Obey where her sneakers are easily popped on or off? That’s a BS rationale and everyone knows it but him. He’s seems set in his ways and there’s nothing we can do about it.