Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 51 – 20 Mins

Keri JackieIn this awesome sentry KO clip, the lovely agent Sumiko is tasked with repeatedly “taking out” rival spies Keri Spectrum and Jacquelyn Velvets via a VR simulation that takes place in Jacquelyn’s living room! What follows is a series of sneak attacks, double KOs, and even a triple knockout that ends in a successful mission (and promotion) for agent Sumiko!

Just another fun and silly sentry video, with a few major details. The first being this one is shot in the living room, so I automatically feels a little like a Velvets video. Next is, it stars Jackie, Keri and Sumiko. You’re just can’t get bigger or better names then that. Jackie and Keri do most of the selling, and definitely live up to their reputations. All the costumes are awesome, I love the superheroine like suites that Jackie and Keri have on and Sumiko is really nice too. As with any Sentry Girls vid, the KOs are crammed in there and Sumiko uses all sorts of toys and trickery to KO the sentry girls, we get some limp play and body piles to go along with those KOs. Again the Sentry Girls series delivers a very nice change of pace to the normal SKW action.

Overall Score: 8.5/10