Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 50 – 25 Mins

sentry4 agents played by Elsa Ives, Kayla Lael, Merry Meow, and Cynder are tasked with taking each other out in repeated VR simulations…with the winner (via points) set to receive a promotion. The girls eagerly agree to the task and proceed to put on one HELL of a show, taking each other down and out until a final victor emerges…and all four girls are KO’d in order to excise them from the simulation!

This video is a ton of fun, we get some great attacks with all the girls taking turns and awesome selling from all the girls as well. It’s an easy pick for me as which is my favorite attacks, the first being the rope choke, giving us great eyerolling and tongue protrusion. The next best one is the tazer body pile, where the girls stack up on top of a tazer and make this big twitchy body pile, very awesome. The other attacks are great too, especially the ones that have all the girls KO’s in the end. As I said, all the girls selling is top tier here. I love Cynder’s “extended” eyerolls, which she only did in one scene, but I would love to see her do that more, it’s kind of her thing. Kayla is literally perfect in every way and she is just too fun and silly. Elsa’s evil grin looks like she loves being the attacker, but I love her tongue protrusion and Merry’s eyerolls and reactions are very very awesome. You can tell the girls had a ton of fun shooting this vid and that really does make it even more fun to watch.

Overall Score: 9/10