Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 49

BECCAIn this custom sentry battle, the lovely Becca (from FWR) and Merry meow take turns stalking each other and suffering some brutal stealth-based finishers! The victims are completely out on the ground, their masks removed as we fade in to the next round, until a final decisive finisher ends it all finale: A super-powered Becca dominates the last round, showing zero reactions to punches. She finishes Merry of with a flying chop to the neck, followed by a brutal palm-strike to the neck KO.

Another vid from Becca’s visit to SKW, this one is all about neck snaps. Both Merry and Becca take turns sneaking up on each other and take each other out. I’m not the biggest fan of neck snaps, because it doesn’t give the best opportunities for overselling, but SK throws in a bunch of face punches, some other were down moves and a really cool final segment that definitely gave both girls a chance to over sell. The overall selling however is great, the both react nicely to the neck snaps. Becca’s the best at being punch drunk and Merry is pretty damn good too. Also there’s mask removal after or during every KO, except maybe one, I find myself really loving that. I would normally take this time to complain about the body suits, but I’m having a hard time finding a reason to. I’m still not a fan of them really, but I’m not going to complain about watching either of these beauties battling it out in these suits. Overall, the action leading up to the neck snaps and the mask removal after are my favorite parts, but if neck snaps are your thing, these talented girls aren’t going to let you down even the slightest.

Overall Score: 8.5/10