Review of Sleeperkid’s World SENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 48 – 23 Mins

ALISAYou’ve been assigned to a special VR training mission by your boss (played by Alisa Kiss)…one where you have to sneak up and eliminate the pesky Wonder-Girl repeatedly…until the board of directors is satisfied with your work!   You do so tirelessly, removing WG (also played by Alisa) from the equation with a variety of techniques…until a final KO ends the program, and leads to a possible promotion!

It is very rare that I start talking about a video with how great someone looks, but Alisa has left me no choice. This Wondergirl costume is outrageously amazing, especially with Alisa wearing it. Now I’ll grant you, it would quite hard to find anything Alisa doesn’t look amazing in, but this one is above the norm. Now that I’ve talked about how blow away I was by how good Alisa looks, let’s talk about how great she sells. I am so happy that we don’t have to sacrifice selling for good looks when I cones to Alisa. She sells so great in this, I would rank it in the same category as her looks. And better yet, she sells over the top too. We get lots of excessive eyerolling, tongue protrusion and goofy reactions. Then add in the just number of KOs crammed into the vid and all the amazing KO positions on top of everything else and you’ll have my favorite video of this update and definitely something you guys better not miss.

Overall score: 9.9/10