Review of Sleeperkid’s worldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 47 – 27 mins


Roni plays a secret agent tasked with taking FOUR lovely sentry girls (played by Chanel Yeoung, Anne-Marie, Miriya, and Sparrow Summers) in a series of intricate virtual reality mini-missions. Roni does so effectively, disposing of each sentry one by one and all four at a time! In the end the sentries get a chance to avenge their fallen clones via a series of brutal punchouts designed to take Roni OUT of the virtual reality program, but not before she’s impressed her bosses with a ton of brutal sentry KOs!

SK and crew again find a way to make another Sentry Girls vid stand out from the rest. One of the things I like about the Sentry Girls series it that it seems like a testing grounds for the SKW crew. It’s always in these video is where you can find new and entertaining KO technics and that is the case again with this one. Not only do we get the way overdue return of Roni Jonah, but we also get a brand new girl in Chanel Yeoung and some fan favorites, with Anne-Marie, Sparrow and Miriya. It’s a little weird to see all the girls dressed the same, but I got past that as soon as the video gets going. Some of the highlights from this one are, the rope chokeouts with everyone giving great over the top reactions, the 4 girl sleeper hold chain, again awesome reactions, the four girl punchout from one mighty swing, all the body piles that ensues from all the multi girl KOs, especially the ones where Sparrow is the last to fall and she has to bascilly throw herself on the pile of bodies to make sure she lands on top and The butt in the air quadruple line up, the more, the merrier I always say about that KO pose. As I said before, a lot of great over the top reactions from everyone, especially Chanel, doing a great job on her 1st SKWPPV vid and Sparrow, really giving us some great crossed eyed reactions. The Sentry Girls series always seem to find a way to stay entertain and fun, I wonder what could possibly happen next.

Overall Score: 9.5/10