Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 45 – 16 mins

You’ve been tasked with showing off your sentry skills against a set of Addie Juniper clones and you do so effectively, taking each lovely clone down and out as you struggle to impress your bosses at the agency. In the end you achieve a near perfect score and it’s all been recorded through a small camera implanted in your eye!

This one is plain and simple, it’s a pretty normal sentry vid, with the main selling point being that the sentry girl is the lovey Addie Juniper. We all know Addie by this point, she’s super popular and for good reason. Although this one is not as silly or over the top as this series has been of late, Addie still does give us some great selling, it does get a little more silly as the KOs pile up and she often ends up in the fan favorite, butt in air KO pose, which we really need to come up with a name for. Anyway, I not the biggest fan of the whole body suit thing, but it’s skin tight and I like to boot-like leggings things. Overall, I do wish the was a little more over the top, mainly because Addie is so good at silly reactions and I rather a different, more skin revealing outfit, but Addie it a top performer and I really can’t get enough of her, no matter what she’s doing.

Overall Score: 9/10