Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 44 – 25 mins

This series keeps getting better and better, and this time around we have two legends in the business, Serena Voxx and Keri Spectrum, taking each other on in a series of virtual reality sneak attack KOs, just to see who might end up with a promotion within the SKW spy agency. A final tie leads to a double prize, as well as a double KO meant to signal the end of the competition.

The SKW vets really show us how a sentry video is done. Keri and Serena go back and forth, taking each other out with tons of KOs and great selling, making this one of the best sentry videos of recent history. Both girls are dressed in super sexy superheroine inspired outfits with chuck boots. Both outfits are absolutely in the running for my favorite outfits of the year. As like other sentry girls videos, this one is jam packed with great KOs, with plenty of KO toys and makeshift weapons. There is lots of eyerolling, some twitching and a little tongue protrusion. I couldn’t be happier with this selling in this one. My favorite weapon of the bunch is the brick. It caused a quick KO with awesome reactions and lays them flat out on the ground. Overall, Serena and Keri remind us why we all love them some much, as they knock this fun, KO filled video, out of the park, with super sexy superheroine outfits and perfect selling.

Overall Score: 9.9/10