Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 42 – 20 mins

We fade in on SK telling one of his top agents, Sinn Sage, that if she can somehow sneak attack and defeat Wonder-Saya in a series of virtual reality scenarios, even if it’s just ONCE, she’ll receive a promotion and lead her team on a real attack on the pesky superheroine. Agent Sage happily accepts. What follows is a series of earnest attempts from Sinn to take out the beautiful Wonder-Saya, each attempt failing miserably and ending in a KO’d SInn Sage. After multiple losses, Sinn FINALLY scores a win by using Wonder-Saya’s lasso of truth on her and discovering that CHLOROFORM is a major weakness. She doses a rag and asks Saya if the chloroform will keep her unconscious.  Saya weakly says “yes” and is put to sleep by the determined agent leading to a win and her promotion.

Before I begin, give me just a second to mark out to Sinn Sage. I have been a huge fan of Sinn’s for so long, probably close to 10 years now. I just love everything she does in our sleepy/wrestling genre and she’s an amazing, inspirational person as well. Okay, now that I got that out of my system, let’s talk about this vid. I really love this “failed sneak attacks” type of sentry vid. It’s a lot of fun to watch as Sinn sneaks up on the unsuspecting Saya, only to have her attacks to have no effect Saya, and then Sinn, who’s totally shocked, just tries and tries again till Saya finally turns around and KOs Sinn with ease. I love Saya’s responses to Sinn trying to take her out and Sinn just willingly giving up. For example, in one scene Sinn attacks with a tranq gun, which of course has no effect on Saya. When Saya turns around, Sinn just hands her the gun, knowing what coming next. Eventually, Sinn does get the best of Saya, taking her lasso and asking the traditional “will this chloroform keep you unconscious” question. Overall, Sinn and Saya play really well off each other. Sinn gives us great reactions, not only the look of shock when her attacks don’t work, but also when she gets KO’d as well. Both girls look outstanding in their costumes and it was great to see Sinn finally get one over on Saya. This was a really fun one to watch guys, definitely worth checking out.

Overall Score: 9/10