Review of Sleeperkid’s World SENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 40 – 13 mins

They’ve both made their debuts and now it’s time for Merry and Cynder to play hapless sentries pitted against some effective sneak attacks, courtesy of agent Anne-Marie.  After a quick intro describing a “VR” simulation trial, Anne-Marie demonstrates why she’s slowly becoming one of the most effective badasses in SKW history.  She repeatedly dispatches both Merry Meow and Cynder with multiple KOs and post KO attacks, leading to a final machine gun finale that guarantees the agent a promotion.

It’s nice to see Anne and the badass heel for once. She’s a little quite with some of her comments, which are pretty good and I wish she’d speak up. The new girls are really making a great impression, I love the ways they’re selling, lots of great eyerolling in their reactions. Of course this is a sentry vid, so we get lots of great KO toys and with two sentry in this VR program, we get a few body piles and lots of post KO attacks to make sure both girls stay out. Also all the outfits in the one are awesome, Anne looks great with the cuts in the sides of pants legs and the converse boots. The shiny spider suits are awesome and very sexy. Overall, this is a great one on two sentry vid, with the new girls doing great and my favorite jobber, being a soft spoken badass.

Overall Score: 9/10