Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 38 – 16 mins

It’s Sparrow Summers turn to step in to the sentry VR program. She is instructed not to use her “special abilities” unless absolutely necessary, she agrees and heads in. Her sentries are Autumn Bodell and Saya Savage. Sparrow starts taking out the unsuspecting sentries with great ease, using all the normal weapons we are used to seeing in a sentry video. That is until a final twist leads to her opponents to turning the takes on her. Sneaking up Sparrow ganging up on her with belly punches and two piledrivers. They sit the KO’d Sparrow up and prepare her for a final set of gunshots to the back of the skull. Sparrow suddenly opens her eyes, and we see that her pupils are gone! Sparrow had unleashed her super powers, freezing Autumn and Saya stopping them from executing her. Sparrow forces the sentries to drop their weapons by crushing their wrists with her mind, then delivers a brutal blow to the ground that shakes the building, throwing Saya and Autumn onto the mats. Frightened for their lives, Autumn and Saya make a run for it, but Sparrow forces them to slowly strangle themselves into unconsciousness, finishing it all off with a double telekinetic neck snap! The exhausted Sparrow passes out and later regains consciousness, looking over her victims as the VR session comes to a close.

It’s really cool to see Sparrow taking down two girls, much taller then her. I know, almost everyone is taller then her, but still, seeing her jump up and Saya’s back and take her down or watching her have to jump just to get a rope over Autumn’s head and strangle her down and than stand triumphantly, is really cool to see. That and Sparrow changing weapons out when she doesn’t think they’ll be adequate for the job, is good for a laugh. All is a pretty normal till her super powers come into play. 1st, it was also great to see the tables get turned on her. Got two twitch piledrivers out of that. Than having to save her own life with her crazy powers, is just down right outstanding. What an awesome idea and it so well done, its just awesome. You guys have to see this, even if it’s just for the ending, you’ve never seen anything quite like this.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

But the best thing about this video is, I was there. That’s right, yours truly was there in person watching the the whole video unfold. I didn’t have any input on the video, I just got the chance to stand in the back, stay out of the way and watch the magic happen. It was an awesome experience to be behind the scenes and see a video, that turned out to so epic, be created.