Review of SENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 37 – 12 min

This is a custom that Yours Truly couldn’t have written better. Bambi Buttons and Cassie Moxy play ninjas and Sentries, switching roles along the way. There is a huge emphasis on over the top reactions as both girls get Ko’d they stick their tongues out, roll and cross their eyes before passing out. Most of the time they twitch a little or they end up in the our favorite KO position. It started out back and forth, but Bambi get the last few rounds in a row.

You guys know this kind of vid is right down my Ally. I always want over the to reactions and lots of KOs. This vid has knocked both of those out of the park. Cassie and Bambi both do an extremely great job selling in this, awesome reaction all the way. A great amount of KOs with neck snaps bear hugs, boxing punches, even a piledriver thrown in and most KOs end in the butt in the air pose. I love every bit of this one, except for one minor detail, bodysuits. Both girl are covered from neck to toe. Skin is always better, at least bare feet would be nice. Cassie’s bodysuit is shiny, so if it has to a bodysuit, at least that was the one. Overall, this is the best over the top reactions vid in the past few updates. You guys really need to jump on this on ASAP.

Overall Score: 9.9/10