SKW has yet another gorgeous new comer and her name is Eve. Eve is in being tested in the usual SKW virtual training program. Once the program is started, something is clearly wrong, because the sentry, Gia Primo, is really strong and reverses every attack that Eve attempts. Eve tries as hard as she can but Gia finds a way to KO Eve just about every time. Finally, Eve does finally KO Gia but its at the end of the test. As she celebrates she is called from the program. Once back in the real world, Eve is sure that her overseer, SK, is going to be disappointed. Lucky for Eve, SK tell her that he set the program and a really hard level and is impressed the she was able to take out Gia even once. SK offers Eve as job and Eve leaves ecstatic at her achievement.

What a great way to change up an already awesome series. Everyone love Sentry Girls videos. Normally the one doing the training gets the best of the sentry, but not this time. I love how Eve is some how bested by Gia in every round, except for the double KO and the last scene. There are a bunch great KO tactics, all the kinds of ones we are used to seeing in our sentry videos. Now, on to Eve, a brand new girl, never done this kind of thing before and she totally killed it. I was really impressed with Eve, if i wasn’t told that she was brand new to this, I would never be able to guess. She really does a bang up job a excellent first impression and really can not wait to see her again.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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    Love Eve’s performance

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