Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 18 – 27 Mins

Cheyenne(Due to a slight audio malfunction during taping, we had to re-shoot this custom right AFTER we initially completed it.  However, since it seemed like a huge waste to toss out the footage, we’ve decided to add ON the original version after the final cut as a bonus to our customers.  Since the audio does sound slightly saturated during the second segment, we’ve considerably lowered the price on this amazing release!) Agent Velvets has reached the end of her training, leading to a virtual reality program designed to test her mettle against a variety of cloned sentry guards… all played by Cheyenne Jewel!  What follows (in both segments) is a series of one-sided sneak attacks that ALWAYS leave Cheyenne completely devastated and still on the mats!

Here is an older SKW video, brought to you by request. It been a long time since I saw this video and I am happy that is has been brought back into the spotlight. Cheyenne is awesome in this, she sells a little over the top and a little silly, with plenty of great eye rolling and some nice tongue protrusion. She’s really great as selling her helplessness as she struggles to break free from the power of Miss Velvets, but never succeeds. Also the shiny green suit looks awesome on Cheyenne super fit frame. Jacquelyn also plays her part well, brimming with confidence and backing it up through every stage of dispatching the Cheyenne clones. I liked her Kill Bill outfit, but I don’t like the hood on the white version of the other outfit. Both parts of this video sound fine to me, so maybe the parts that had the errors where cut out, but remember both parts are following the same script, so don’t be shocked when you see the same KO tactics with similar reactions. Overall Cheyenne is an awesome jobber and you’re looking for more of her doing some great selling, then you better pick this clips up.

Overall Score: 9/10