Review of Sentry and the Spy

Review of Cali’s CustomsSentry and the Spy – 4 vids = 15 mins

I was at Cali Logan’s store and she has this series of Sentry and the spy videos. They’re all really short, being 3 or 4 mins each, with 4 videos in total, so this is going to be a review of all 4 videos together. Each title link will bring you directly to each clip. The buy now button will bring you to a page where you can see all four, as they are not sold as one.

Sentry and the Spy #1 – All choked up.

Cali catches a spy in her house and tries to fight him. After he blocks all her punches easily, she goes for a choke. The spy counters with his own choke, that makes Cali let go and try to brake is grip. No luck, the spy chokes her till she weak, even taking her off her feet. Once she’s weak, a uppercut puts Cali out, leaving her twitching on the floor.

Sentry and the Spy #2 – Backbreaker

Cali is stands guard, when a spy walks up behind her and with a quick low blow that turn into a torture rack. After a short while the torture rack turns into an over the knee backbreaker, where the spy just rains low blows on poor Cali. He finally lets her go and she tries to crawl away. A kick to the belly stops her, then he stomps on her belly and face till she starts twitching, then walks away.

Sentry and the Spy #3 – Complete domination

Cali again is standing guard and again she’s hit with a low blow. She’s than pushed against the wall where she has punches raining down all over her body. Once she a little weak she’s piledriven. Cali some how gets back to her feet pretty quickly, where she’s met with another piledriver. This one pops her boob out of top and knocks her out cold making her twitch on the floor.

Sentry and the Spy #4 – Tazed and Abused

This time Cali catches the spy snooping around and hits him with a taxer, Knocking him out, but only for a second. As she stands over him, he springs to life hitting her with a low blow. He springs up and begins throwing punches as well as, pulling her top down and blocking the few weak attempts of Cali trying to fight back. Once she beaten up, he uses her own tazer against her. Leaving her sitting on the floor out cold and twitching.

Together, this would make one great video. I love that all the KOs have Cali flopping around on the floor. She’s such a gorgeous girl and a great seller. Lots of punches over all the vids leaving Cali punch drunk a lot. The fights look pretty good and the camera is right in there to see all her reactions. I don’t think is a great idea to buy just one of these. They’re really short and if you like one of them, you should like all over them. Overall, it sucks that these are sold in separate pieces, without having one joint option, but I’m glad I didn’t get just one becasue these all are really awesome.

Overall Score: 9.5/10