Review of Season 3 / Special Release 2

Review of Season 3 / Special Release 2 – 8 mins

Got a quick and easy one for you guys today from Next Global Crisis. Bluebird walks into a room to find 3 masked thugs. She promises to beat them all up at the same time, without using her hands. They warn her to take off, but of course she doesn’t, so they go on the attack. Bluebird does alright, but after catching a good upper cut to the jaw, she decides to use her hands. The thugs all attack her together. This time the get the best of her and she’s quick to be weak, but her super power kicks in, which give her fresh health. Her sudden new found strength catches the thugs off guard, giving her the chance to quickly kick all their butts, call the cops and leave.

Now, I know what you guys thinking, I never like when the superheroine, or female wins and you’re right, I don’t, but lucky for us, almost every NGC vid comes with an alternate ending just for times like this. In the other ending Bluebirds powers never kicks in and the thugs choke her out and leaving laid out in the room. Making everything perfect in my world.

Bluebird is probably my favorite of the heroines at NGC. She’s always biting of more than she can chew and usually ends up knocked out some where. She’s a super cute girl, sells really good and is always over confident, as any soon to be defeated heroine should be. This vid is really quick, a little too quick. Bluebird doesn’t take long to get weakened and for her powers to kick in. For what’s there, is really well done, but this would be much better if it was about 10 or 12 mins, just so some of the events take a little more time to settle in. Overall, I’m still happy with Bluebird taking a beating, short or not and thank god for alternate endings.

Overall Score: 8/10

Ok, so maybe not so quick and easy…. oops