Review of Season 3 / Episode 6 – Jail-Break

Review of Next Global CrisisSeason 3 / Episode 6 – Jail-Break – 17 Mins

Athena has been let down again. Despite Miss Freedom’s promises to help her rescue Bluebird and take down the Darkheart leadership, once again she is unavailable. Athena shows her bravery, despite no great attacking power, as she tracks down Alaric and attempts to beat him alone. Her timing could not be better either as the Darkheart leader is in a weakened state due to the loss of a large proportion of his gang, diminishing the magical strength he derives from them. Many Darkhearts were lost getting an extremely dangerous and powerful ally out of maximum security jail… James Roman. Athena attacks Alaric and despite taking some heavy shots and seems to hold her own, until James and his Darkheart escort appear. With his mind control intact, Athena is helpless and she is bearhugged and slammed all over the place like a ragdoll. Can she survive this 3 v 1 encounter?

Simple answer to, was Athena about to overcome the 3 on 1 attack, no. As soon as James shows up, all hope is lost for Athena. James didn’t let Athena do much and made her easy pickings for Alaric. This video is more of a “meanwhile” in the story, then a continuation from last episode. We’ve all been hearing everyone tell Bluebird, “no one is looking for you”, turns out that’s only part true, as Athena is risking her life in search of her and now, after this confrontation, Athena is captured as well. So the plot thickens, as now even more questions have to be answered before this comes to an end. As always with Next Global Crisis, the production, costumes, acting, fighting and storytelling are all exquisite and I cannot wait to see how in the world this season is going to close out. I have a very strong feeling it’s going to be outrageous!

Overall score 9.5/10