Review of Season 3 / Episode 5 – The Grudge

Review of Next Global CrisisSeason 3 / Episode 5 – The Grudge – 26 mins

It all started with a rather harmless mission in early 2012, Bluebird fought then Red Mist agent Eliza ‘The Thorn’ Rose. Eliza was dominant, but the gutsy Bluebird found a way to win and Eliza took defeat very poorly. She plotted to destroy Bluebird and got the chance when her new employers; The Darkhearts, who took Bluebird captive. The captivity was an experience Eliza relished and it almost broke Bluebird’s will, until she was rescued, last episode. Now freed, Bluebird herself cannot let the grudge go. She is made a compelling offer to continue her heroine career, but unfinished business with Eliza cannot wait. The 2 meet one last time to settle things for good and it is Eliza who gets the best of the physical battle, chaining up Bluebird and whipping her like an animal and using every dirty trick in the book to degrade the blue beauty, but perhaps Bluebird has something left. Only one of them will walk away from this fight.

I’ve always loved NGC for their exquisite storytelling and stellar action and acting, but this might actually be the best one I’ve seen so far. We get a perfect set up as Bluebird is offered a chance to run this new superheroine organization, but instead of answering the offer she rushes out to fight Eliza. Then we get an awesome back and forth fight, with Eliza mostly in control, but Bluebird fighting her heart out. Eliza uses some dirty tactics to stay in control, from a whip, that leaves marks all over Bluebird. To low blows, a chain wrapped fist and a cattle prod, all leaving there mark on Bluebird and causing lots of great reactions. This video comes to a close with a hell of a bombshell, that changes everything. I’ve always looked forward to the next episode, but I have never been this excited to find out what happens next. Overall, great fighting action, I’m really happy to see small touches like bruises, sweat and her torn costume, as well as some of the best NGC storytelling so far.

Overall Score: 9.9/10