Review of Season 3 / Episode 4 – The Rescue

Review of Next Global CrisisSeason 3 / Episode 4 – The Rescue – 17.5 mins

Bluebird has been in Darkheart captivity for over a year. She’s been beaten, drugged, and tormented by Eliza Rose day after day and it looks as though her will is broken as she takes commands from her new mistress without question. Elite Force has been almost torn apart by the question of saving Bluebird with Miss Freedom dragging her heels. In fact it is Liberty Alliance who makes the first move as Virtue arrives confident of defeating Eliza, to her shock Bluebird begins to attack her and it’s not until Comet Girl turns up that the tide is back in the good girls favor. Last to arrive is Katia however, and she really turns the screw on Virtue in particular, knocking her from pillar to post while Comet Girl struggles with Eliza. It looks like a win for the Darkhearts, but unity is not great between Katia and Eliza. Either Bluebird will be rescued, or she, Virtue and Comet Girl will end up in chains.

This is arguably the most action packed NGC vid that I’ve seen so far. Starting out with Bluebird taking punches to the face and body, without even thinking of fighting back, thanks to the brainwashing. Then more fights break out with Virtue using her unique powers to make Eliza’s attacks useless. Then the run-ins start coming, first with Comet Girl, who gets mocked for being late despite her super speed, but helps Virtue gain control, and then Katia shows up, who really pushes the heroine’s backs against the wall, pretty much beating them both up on her own. While all this fighting is going on, we can see Bluebird stating to shake off the brainwashing. The good girls get taken out by Katia and Eliza. Katia tells Eliza to basically clean up the mess the leaves. Just as Katia is gone, Bluebird is back to normal and pissed. The other two heroines are back up just in time to stop Bluebird from killing Eliza as they drag her away. It’s crazy how much the moment swings in this one, which makes it a ton of fun to watch. All the girls selling is on point, I love the reactions, they really make you feel every punch and kick. As always with NGC videos, there is an alternative ending, an ending that I feel is not only better, but also more plausible. Bluebird does shake off the brainwashing, but is still a little too slow for Eliza. She quickly takes down bluebird with an X-factor before the other heroines wake up, and then makes sure they don’t get too far either. In the end, of the alternate ending, we watch as the three heroine wake up to find themselves chained together as Eliza looks on and laughs in her victory. Overall, more awesome storytelling from NGC, great selling from all the girls involved and another alternative ending that really leaves you thinking, what if? Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Overall Score: 9/10