Review of Season 3 / Episode 3 – Prizefighter

Review of Next Global CrisisSeason 3 / Episode 3 – Prizefighter – 21 mins

This one starts out explaining when Miss Freedom took Elite Force a year ago she didn’t imagine the expense involved in running the special agency. In order to make enough money, she does prize fights for the amusement of Billionaires. Tonight she has another fight, the announcer tells her what the prize will be, what the match rules are and who her opponent is. In walks a new male gladiator, standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and much stronger than anyone she has faced before. He attacks with pure rage smashing the heroine around the ring and squeezing the life out of her as if he seems to enjoy her pain. She somehow sneaks her way past him, winning the fight. When she asks for her money, she’s offered a double or nothing, she has not choice but to accept. In comes a stunning heroic-looking female in white suspenders who is much tougher than she looks and appears to have a power that counteracts Miss Freedom’s strength in some way. Apparently, that power isn’t fool proof, as once again, Miss Freedom finds a way to come out on top.

As far as the story goes, this one does answer what’s been going on with Elite Force as of late, like where they been, and whats going happened. I am still left to wonder who The Steal Sister is working for and what their goal is. As far as the action goes, I love these ring matches. Miss Freedom has a hard time this everyone, but does manage to come out one top. when she turns the tide in her favor, it over so fast that if you blink, all you’ll see is her going for the pin. I liked that for the mixed section, becasue I’d don’t want to watch her dominating some guy. When she faces the girl, she takes her time a little bit more, but still wrapped her up quick. Also, stick around after the credits for alternative endings. The 1st one Miss Freedom get her back broken by the tall male and other during the girls fight, the male comes back, takes them both out and declares himself the winner. Both are really great alternatives. Overall, feels like a bit of a filler as the story goes, or maybe, I just want answers about The Steel Sister at this point. The action is strong and well sold, Miss Freedom did win, but I think it’s for the better of her story. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

Overall Score: 8.5/10