Review of Season 3 / Episode 2

Review of Season 3 / Episode 2 – 17.5 min

This picks up right where the last one left off. The Steel Sister is being held captive by Alaric’s right hand man, Hamilton Dinar. Alaric, in the meantime is going to meet his intruder, who turns out to be, Celestia. Alaric tries to convince Celestia that he has her friend hostage. Celestia has no idea what he’s talking about, becasue The Steel Sister actually has nothing to do with Elite Force. Anyway Alaric eventually stops trying and they start fighting, Celestia isn’t strong enough to take down Alaric, even after a dirty low blow she still gets KO’d. She later manages to summon this staff that has quite a power. This interests Alaric, He uses The Steel Sister’s life to gain it from Celestia. After knocking out both heroines, he tells Hamilton to get rid of them and than leaves. The Steel Sister, however is awake and when Hamilton sees her, he jets out of there like the house was on fire. The Steel Sister waits for Celestia to wake. They have a chat where Celestia finds out that The Steel Sister does have her own Super Heroine group, than suddenly The Steel Sister Knocks out Celestia and reports back to her group that things haven’t gone exactly to plan.

Once again, the almighty, Alaric is dominate. Celestia couldn’t take him down either. Her staff helped a lot, but even without The Steel Sister as leverage, he still would have gotten it from her soon enough. I love during one of the KOs Alaric held Celestia up off the ground by her costume. What a great showing of power. Hamilton Dinar handled himself well last time and was pretty happy being The Steel Sisters captor, so I was kinda shocked he ran off like a high school softy and didn’t even try to beat The Steel Sister. Another surprise was The Steel Sister knocking out Celestia, I never expected that and really can’t wait to see where this goes next. Overall, still awesome selling from these gorgeous girls, Alaric is still holding it down and I this sudden plot twist has really excited me for the storyline.

Overall Score: 9/10