Review of Season 3 / Bluebird Play Dead: Part 02

Review of Next Global CrisisSeason 3 / Bluebird Play Dead: Part 02 – 25 Mins

BluebirdBluebird is in deep trouble. Last time we saw her she was unconscious under the boot of Samantha while Jacob looked on. These vicious villains aren’t done yet however and decide to continue punishing Bluebird. While Jacob continues to modify her DNA to his liking, Samantha beats the heroine to a pulp. Is this the end for Bluebird? Well, she has managed to put together an insurance policy. Its name is Rex Deacon, her one-time bitter enemy. Rex has plenty of reasons to hate Jacob and Samantha but it is a big risk for Bluebird. If she’s not careful, she could be facing 3 powerful villains at once which would surely end in ultimate defeat. Will Bluebird’s plans work out? Or will she finally be destroyed?

Episode two of this continuing series from Next Global Crisis and again just love the story writing and this unique power that Jacob has. This time he messes with Bluebirds heart again, even stopping it completely for a moment. Then later he instantly ages her to the point that she can barely hold herself up, making it easy for Samantha to beat her up. This power is literally limitless, for the time that it lasts and I can’t wait to see what else it can do. When I comes to the story, an interesting and unexpected turn in events is, Rex Deacon has actually come to help Bluebird. They fought for the entire Bluebird 2020 series and now he’s here to help. That’s something I could have never predicted, but the excellent writing puts all the pieces together and it actually makes total sense. They have a common enemy and for the time being, it better that they help each other instead of fighting each other. I have to wonder how long this relationship will last because I know they are still not friends and they will turn on each other soon enough. If not, I’ll be just as shocked again. In the end, this is a win for the good guys as Jacob’s attempt to finish Bluebird, might have made her more powerful than ever. This is another great video from NGC, excellent acting, fighting and story, as always, leaving me yet again holding my breath to see what’s going to happen next. Also in true NGC fashion, there’s an alternate ending that shows what would have happened if Rex decided not to team with Bluebird, which is definitely worth waiting through or skipping through the credits and checking out.

Overall score: 9.5/10