Review of Scissor KO Fantasy

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsScissor KO Fantasy – 11 Mins

MadisonConstance is in the FWR studios, waiting for an interview with the boss, when Madison walks in. The girls introduce themselves and Madison asks if she can stretch there to prepare for her upcoming wrestling match. Constance says that’s fine and Madison turns to begin her stretches. We suddenly realize that Constance is staring at her cell phone and upon closer view, find out that she’s photographing Madison’s toned body while she’s stretching. The pictures lead us into Constance’s fantasies … a place in her mind where she LOVES being dominated and knocked out by Madison’s powerful legs. Constance fantasizes about several situations where the sexy Madison’s thighs squeeze our day dreamer until her eyes roll and she slips into unconsciousness. After each knockout Madison checks Constance’s limp arms and we fade into the next fantasy, where Constance is tapped in a different scissors, but is squeezed into unconsciousness again. Constance finally comes out of her fantasy day dreaming just as Madison finishes her stretches. “I hope you have fun” Madison says as she exits. Constance, with a very satisfied look says to herself, “I already had fun!” You’ll LOVE the sexy eye rolling knockouts that Constance ALSO loves!!

This is the first time that I’ve ever seen Constance and have no idea if she’s done this before or is a new local talent, but I can tell you that I like her already. This is a really good and simple idea as it’s basically just a compilation of scissor KOs with a great set up that helps make it all make sense. I love the idea of Constance watching Madison stretch, with also adds some great shots of Madison for us and fantasizing about willingly being KO’d repeatedly. Constance sells the KOs great with nice struggling and great eyerolling and crossing. While Madison plays the strong, almost silent type, which works perfectly. I love Madison’s body and there are just tons and tons of great shots of it here. The only thing I need addressed if a vid like this happens again, is the “fantasy” music shouldn’t play for the whole fantasy, but just transitioning in and out of the fantasy, because I found it kind of distracting/annoying. Other than that this was a fantastic, fantasy, KO filled vid.

Overall Score: 9/10