Review of Scarlett Vs Tiffany: Total Smother and Foot Gag Match

Review of Defeated XXX Scarlett Vs Tiffany: Total Smother and Foot Gag Match – 46 Mins

BATTiffany is a young hottie with a bitchy look and is very self-confident. The challenge with Scarlett is for a “winner takes all”, knockout wrestling match. Scarlett shows no fear and takes control with a series of holds aiming to the back of the brunette, who soon ends up face down in her feet, arms bent behind her back, screaming in pain and frustration, while Scarlett teases her and pushes her head down without mercy. Scarlett enjoys every second of her domination and applies various holds, always using her beautiful feet on poor Tiffany’s face, smothering her at will. The subdued tiffany is forced to eat feet and pass out, deprived of air. There will be facesit payback time, don’t worry, and headscissors will be used to strangle as well. A tied up loser will face the hardest and most humiliating forced-foot worship session of her life. The language is Italian with SUB ENG

Here is another one from Defeated, this one being much more mainstream for this production, a lot of foot focused combat and other foot fetish content. This is a long vids and the wrestling is only about half of the vid. It’s a little catfighty and a little grappling, with foot based attacks as the main objective. Scarlett for the most part dominates the whole vid, with lots of foot in the face or mouth based moves. For this part I was OK with the action. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but the struggling was good and there was a few KOs along the way. After Scarlett is declared the winner, Tiffany is hog tied and forced to worship Scarlett’s feet. This part is out of my league, and way too long for me, but I know you foot fetish fans will enjoy this, because do feel it’s pretty well sold by both girls. Overall, although this one might not have been a home run for me, I still think quality and deliver of this production is pretty great and I’ll be looking through their site for more beatdown focused vids.

Overall score: 7/10