Review of Sassi Meets Lena

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSassi Meets Lena – 6 mins

Lena is one of our newest fems (brought to us by Sassi) so we thought we’d put together a little boxing video for you to check out. We were unfortunately tight on time so we weren’t able to do a normal length video but we think that this 6 minute match will be something you’ll enjoy! Lena totally dominates Sassi as she pounds her all over the ring, knocking her down several times! She even gives her victim a speedbag facial before finally standing her in the center of the ring for a devastating uppercut knockout! We welcome Lena to FWR!!

This is a quick boxing vid, that goes downhill fast for the normally dominate Sassi. The new fem, Lena, who looks like she’ll make a great heel in the future makes it looks easy and adds some nice taunting as well. Although this is a short vid, it’s still pretty good. It’s more on the silly side then you regular boxing vids, something like we’re used to seeing Becca do. I think Sassi did a pretty great job selling in this, with some nice silly reactions, although her eyes are hard to see, I don’t think she can help that and a nice post KO reaction, where she wakes up for a second, confused and dazed, then passes back out. I always love to see that, great for another little laugh at the end. Overall, I actually like Sassi as a jobber, even though she’s built from twisted steel. I just hope to see more Sassi in any role and maybe see Lena as a jobber, see how well she can sell.

Overall Score: 8.5/10