Review of Sasha’s Photo Shoot

Review of Sasha’s Photo Shoot – 41 min

Antoinette and Ryan have a new comer to their wrestling league, however they plan on giving this pretty new girl, the beating of her life. Sasha shows up in a dress and high heel boots. She says, she was supposed to come here to get some pictures taken for the wrestling company. Ryan and Antoinette lull Sasha that they’ll take the pictures, than, jump Sasha and start beating the hell out of her with Punches, kicks, slaps and low blows. She gets KO’d a bunch of times, the longer the beating goes on the more often she goes out. The girls take pictures of their victim all the way and Rick has provided the pics taken, in the video. They strip Sasha, and tie her arms to keep her from struggling. After a while, Antoinette and Ryan take Sasha to the back and they all change into wrestling gear, Just to beat up Sasha some more. Finally they let Sasha escape and she struggles to the back and changes back to her street clothes. On the way out though the girls are waiting for her. They tie her up for more beatings and pictures, than finally they leave her out cold on the floor.

This is a crazy beatdown, poor Sasha takes one of the longest, most merciless beatdowns I have seen if quite some time. I really love the clothing choices in this one. Its not often you get to see a sexy jobber in sexy heels and a dress. Even when they change outfits, Sasha has high heel pumps on for a little before they are taken off. The beating clearly takes its toll, as the KOs get closer and closer together as the match goes on and there are plenty of KOs. This is one where I don’t have to say “could use more KOs,” I really love the none stop trash talk from both Antoinette and Ryan. The picture taking is a good insult to injury and even better that Rick put the pictures in the video. Overall, Sasha sells amazing, looks amazing and the Antoinette and Ryan are so merciless it is astounding. This maybe me new favorite Sasha video.

Overall Score: 9.9/10