Review of Sasha’s Invisible Foe

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSasha’s Invisible Foe – 15 Mins

SashaOur video begins as Agent Sasha slowly creeps in the FWR studios in search of a missing agent she was assigned to bring in. She was told he has a “special ability”, but isn’t sure what that’s supposed to mean. She soon finds out as she stand in the ring and hears heavy footsteps, but doesn’t see anyone. Sasha is suddenly hit by an invisible punch that sends her flying, landing spread eagled and out cold. It takes a few seconds for Sasha to regain consciousness, were she’s met with stomps and punches to the belly from the invisible foe, knocking her right back out. A few more seconds pass and Sasha wakes hurrying to her feet to try and fight back. She swings at the air wildly, hoping to hit something, but is met with more punches that spin her around and back out cold spread eagled on the mats. Sasha keeps getting up, only to be knocked all around the ring and back out by her invisible foe. He checks her arms and legs sometimes to make sure she’s out, or pulls her hair to stand her back up for another spread eagled knock out. Nearly finished with Sasha, the invisible man sits her up and chokes her out. Sasha wakes up after a while and tries to stand up, but only makes it to her hands and knees before passing out. A few more second pass and she tries again, this time barely being able to sit up before losing consciousness again. Sasha’s invisible foe figures she’s had enough, leaving her spread eagled and out cold in the middle of the ring. You’ll LOVE this creative custom video performed by our very talented Sasha!

It’s great to see FWR take a stab at the invisible opponent idea and even better the first one to try is Sasha. Unsurprisingly she does a great job, really tossing herself around and making the punches look massive. Her reactions are almost comical at times and I loved it. There’s a big focus on spread eagle KOs and Sasha definitely make sure she was fully spread out and there is plenty of time to stare at her beautiful figure from every angle. As much as I did enjoy this, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more variety of KO positions and the pace could be just a little quicker, but not much, I did like how much we got to see Sasha laid out. Most importantly though, I’m glad to see FWR do the invisible heel idea, they did a pretty good job on their first attempt and we definitely need more, I’d love to see Becca, Peyton, LeAnn or Madison, to try this, just to name a few.

Overall score: 9/10