Review of Sasha’s Interview

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Sasha’s Interview – 24 Mins

SashaSasha is scheduled to have a major match and her opponent fears that she will lose her title to Sasha and will do anything to insure that does not happen. She has paid Becca to make sure that Sasha will be in no condition to defend her title. Becca invites Sasha over to her place for a fake interview and talks Sasha into allowing her to demonstrate a new hold that the brunette can use in her upcoming match. Becca applies a knockout sleeper hold on Sasha, then strips her as she lies unconscious, ties Sasha up and gags her with a ball gag! As Sasha comes around, Becca knocks her out again with a scissors hold! The evil blond works poor Sasha over in the living room, knocking her out a few more times with plenty of punches. The video continues in the studio where Becca has changed into her sexy black fighting outfit. She dominates poor Sasha with more face and belly punches that continue to knock the barely dressed girl out! Finally, Becca throws Sasha into the ring and dominates her with some sexy wrestling holds and finally knocks her out, ties her arms behind her back, ball gags her, and blindfolds her. After knocking Sasha out with one more side figure four head scissors, Becca leaves her in the ring until her upcoming match!

This is exactly why I love Sasha so much, she is so often the star of these really brutal beatdowns and this one really gets it so right in many ways. First, I love the bondage aspect of this vid. The ball gag and the ropes really make Sasha super helpless and that’s awesome to me. Next, there are plenty of knockouts. Becca shows no mercy, knocking Sasha out plenty of times, with kicks, punches and of course head scissors. Sasha selling is outstanding, really selling her pain, desperation and helplessness. I also love Sasha outfit, or lack thereof. I do like the tighter fitting high heels boots from videos past, but still loving the boots and stockings look. I don’t like the blindfold because it, obviously, covers Sasha’s eyes and her eyes are very important to her selling. So even though it adds to her helplessness, I’d rather not have the blindfold. Becca also plays this perfectly, smiling and trash talking the whole time she’s dominating Sasha. I also like that she changed to her sexier “heel” outfit when they move into the FWR studio. I love every time Sasha does one of these vids for us, from SASHA’S PHOTO SHOOT to HANGING AROUND and now this one. I’m adding this to my favs list with the others and I can’t wait to see the next one.

Overall Score: 9.9/10