Review of Sasha Wants Revenge

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSasha Wants Revenge – 10.5 mins

The only time Sasha met Layla in the ring was for a photo match (see “I Hate Rookies”). Sasha was totally surprised to find out that the rookie Layla was tougher than she looked. Our long haired brunette finally asked for a rematch against Layla to be videotaped to prove that she could defeat the young blond, so we set up a ten minute time limit match where the girl with the most submissions or knockouts would be the winner. Sasha starts out strong in the match, showing her expertise in wrestling holds with a tight headlock, full nelson, and painful camel clutch that brings the first submission from Layla. Round two starts with a confident Sasha flinging her opponent into the ropes for a clothesline. But Layla suddenly ducks under Sasha’s arm, rebounds off the opposite ropes and smashes her to the mat. A quickly applied reverse head scissors manages to knock Sasha out for Layla’s first victory. A shocked Sasha starts out round three by diving at Layla, who ducks under and behind Sasha. Before she knows it, Sasha is caught in a full nelson and a surfboard hold that causes her to scream out her submission. Round four is much the same as Layla easily gets a weak Sasha to the mat and applies a combination leg lock/surfboard hold combo that brings more screams of submission from Sasha, With only one minute left in the match, a stunned and defeated Sasha decides to concede the match, but Layla’s evil side comes out as she simply sits down on her begging opponent to hold her in place with a tight schoolgirl pin tell the match is called off. Poor Sasha!

Sasha is another one of those amazing girls that I don’t really ever want to see win. She such an amazing seller, I always look forward to her loses. This one is pretty simple, Sasha is seeking revenge for a previous embarrassment, only to get embarrassed and defeated again. Layla is becoming a pretty great heel for me. She’s got a great mean side. I do get one really nice KO in this one, but Sasha is so submissive that Layla can just pose over Sasha even though she’s not out cold, which makes up for not having more KOs. The last victory pose, Layla puts her foot on Sasha’s face and Sasha just looks so demoralized, but can’t do anything about it. There’s definitely some added humiliation because Sasha was still conscious and we get to see the shame and defeat in poor Sasha’s face. Overall, another great Sasha defeat, although she starts off strong, she ends up writhing in pain on the mats in the end.

Overall Score: 9/10