Review of Sasha Meets Maryjane

Review of Sasha Meets Maryjane

Sasha steps into the ring and meets another new face to FWR. Maryjane is hanging out in the ring when Sasha approaches with some boxing gloves. Sasha challenges Maryjane to a belly punching contest. Maryjane goes 1st with her 5 punches and the seem to be pretty effective. Than Sasha goes, her punches didn’t seem as effective, but they packed enough punch for Maryjane to decide that she’s not going to let that happen again. During Maryjane’s next turn she tosses Sasha into the corner and takes full control of the match. From here on out, Sasha is at Maryjane’s mercy. Sasha has no chance, Maryjane even takes her gloves off and continues her beatdown. A scissors, belly punch combo, finally puts Sasha down for the count.

I lot of new faces in FWR this week and i think Maryjane might be my favorite. She didn’t have a chance to sell as she dominated this match, but i love her look. As for this vid, I love it. I love that it was one sided and Sasha sells the crap out of this. Sasha is definitely one of my favorites at FWR and this is a clear reason why. So, even with only one KO and the main focus being just belly punches, I was still really happy with this one.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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