Review of Sasha Learns Another Lesson

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSasha Learns Another Lesson – 12 Mins

sashaYou would think that Sasha learned a valuable lesson when she recently wrestled Veronika Valentine (see “Sasha Learns a Lesson“) and made the mistake of calling her “old”! But no. Our long haired beauty is in the ring stretching when Julie Winchester, a veteran legend of female wrestling, enters the ring. Sasha immediately begins to laugh and comments on how her opponents seem to be getting older and older! That was Sasha’s first mistake. Her second mistake was not recognizing Julie … but that’s soon taken care of after Julie gets Sasha to the mats and into a front head scissors to introduce herself! From there on out, Julie gives poor Sasha a lesson in wrestling that she’ll NEVER forget! Scissors, head locks, leg locks, a grapevine pin, and a final sleeper hold knockout give little Sasha something to think about if she ever calls anyone “old” again!

I hope Sasha never learns her lesson! I love watching Sasha getting dominated, even in a less brutal style then some of the other Sasha destruction videos. Sasha struggles beautifully and look perfect in her bikini, but she can do nothing to get away for the veteran’s mean submission holds. In what feels like no time, Sasha’s trapped in a sleeper and put to sleep. Which of course also was sold very well. Julie takes her victory pose and leaves Sasha in the ring. But this one isn’t over just yet. Sasha soon wakes up and struggles to stand on her wobbly legs, saying she needs to stop messing with these old broads. She tries to exit the ring, but pass out just before she can make it out. I love something as simple as this. It’s totally an unnecessary KO, but adds a little bit of humor and of course another KO position to see the lovely Sasha laying in. Anything with Sasha getting dominated is a great video for me and this one is no different, keep them coming.

Overall score 9/10