Review of Sasha Learns a Lesson

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSasha Learns a Lesson – 11.5 Mins

SashaLesson #1: Never laugh at your opponent when she enters the ring. Lesson #2: Never ask your opponent if she just escaped from the old folks home. Lesson #3: Never refer to your opponent as a dinosaur roaming the earth! Lesson #4: NEVER say these things to a veteran session wrestler who has the knowledge and ability to take you down and DESTROY you! These are the lessons that poor Sasha learned recently when she met Veronika Valentine in our ring. Sasha immediately found herself trapped in a headlock then worked down to the mat for an extensive session of choke holds, body and head scissors, leg split, bear hugs, and a final knock out sleeper hold. We think Sasha definitely learned her lesson to NEVER call Veronika an old person!

I love when Sasha gets into the awful situations that end up with her being totally dominated. This time Sasha really dug herself I really nice hole, I just laughed as she continued to insult the veteran. It didn’t take too long for Veronika to hear enough, taking Sasha down with great easy and teaching Sasha a good lesson. Veronika uses a lot of very painful holds that bend and stench Sasha’s beautiful body in every way. Sasha, of course, gives us a great show, great screaming in pain and making some very convincing expressions. I love watching Sasha getting tortured and she always seems to be getting into the most brutal beatdowns. She’s been in a lot worse than this, but Veronika didn’t take it easy on poor Sasha. The final sleeper is extended, as Sasha is slowly put out of her misery. We get a quick victory pose and a great shot of Sasha sleeping in the middle of the ring. Sasha again looks amazing while she’s dominated and I hope to see much more like this one soon.

Overall score: 9/10